This hike offers a fantastic view both out to the sea and inland towards the mountains of Nordmøre and Romsdal.  You will find a cairn at the top of Mount Duå.

Route description

The hike starts at the Osmarka Ski Stadium, where you can already see Mount Duå towards the northwest. Follow the gravel path along the illuminated ski trail for almost 1 km, until the point where the ski trail crosses a forest road. Turn left and follow the forest road for about 1 km. After you have passed the river and continued for a couple of hundred metres more, turn left onto a tractor road (toll road). Continue down this road for more than 1 km. When you have reached the top of the hill and a couple of hundred metres more, turn off the road over a small wooden bridge and follow the path up to the Duålisetra summer mountain farm, where you can rest on the benches if you like. Walk past the farmhouse and continue northwest to Mount Duå by following the path along the fence. You will soon come to an intersection where you can continue straight ahead to Stortolla. Take the path up to the right, go through the forest and then continue across a marshy area. You will pass Duålia Hill on your right and go through a small valley. Follow the marks further towards Duskaret, where you will get a view of the Skeidsdalen Valley/Øre and Gjemnesstranda on one side, and Osmarka on the other. The path from Duskaret is partly not very visible. Therefore the route has been well marked with red paint on both poles, stones, and rocks. There are ribbons tied to some of the poles. At the end of the trail, it will be quite steep on one side, but still okay for walking, and the cairn at the top will pop up quite unexpectedly.

This is the only marked route to Mount Duå from Osmarka. The easiest way to return is to follow the same route back. If you feel confident enough, you can also take one of the many alternative routes back to Osmarka. You will see the mountain pasture Duålisetra if you go southeast from the cairn, this can be used as a reference point. It is also possible to start and end the hike from the Skeidsdalen Valley (, Sollia/Botterlia, or Duåsen. 

Arrival and parking

Follow FV665 to Heggem and follow the sign for Skistadion (ski stadium). After about 100 metres, turn right towards the closed-down school. You can park free of charge between the closed-down school and the sports ground.


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Where is Hike to Duå from Heggem (Osmarka)?