Route description Well marked path with red-painted marks on stones, trees, and poles. The first part of the hike goes from the car park up the hill to the summer mountain farm Dalssetra: Walk over the bridge and straight ahead through a gravel pit (a bit of rocks along the first section). The following climb will lead you approximately 300 metres in altitude up a steep and winding path to Dalssetra. After passing Dalssetra, the path flattens out towards the lake Dalsvatnet – this is your last chance to fill up your water bottle. From Dalsvatnet, an entirely new and steep path has been built up to Mount Storskorkja, partly paved and easy to walk. Once you are above the tree line, the path zigzags up to the ridge between the two mountain peaks Litleskorkja and Storskorkja. Strangely enough, Storskorkja is the lowest of the two. Over the ridge you can enjoy a fantastic view of lake Kleivavatnet, mount Sandfjellet and the valley Øvstedalen on one side, and lake Dalsvatnet and the mountains Brudefølget, Nonsfjellet, and Rongja on the other side. This part of the hike is quite open, and the final section involves both steep and easy climbing. After the final uphill, you can walk slightly down and then out towards the top – this is where the cabin Jensbu is located.  

Arrival and parking Turn off the main road in the inner part of Tresfjorden. Next to the church, you will see a sign that reads "Øvstedalen". If you are driving from Vestnes, turn right and drive for 5 km up to the Øvstedalen valley. After you have passed a farm on your right hand, turn off to the right at the sign that reads "Dalssetra". Follow the gravel road for about 300 metres and leave your car at one of the car parks on both sides of the river.

Hiking route: Red

Distance: 3,78 km one way

Duration: 3 t. 50 min

Where is Hike to Jensbu from the valley Øvstedal?