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Europe After the Rain II was painted by the German surrealist Max Ernst in the beginning of World War II. An acopalyptic landscape of something that looks like overgrown ruins, rotting.

In 2002 the British composer Max Richter was inspired by the painting in relations to the aftermath of the Kosovo war. He made several musical pieces on his debut album Memoryhouse with this theme.

And today, with yet another war in Europe, a group of musicians imagines another "Europe after the rain". Also including the threat of the climate chages, that amongst others might raise the level of the sea along the Norwegian coast.

The musical experience will be partly performed under water and in several rooms at Bybadet in Ålesund (the town swimming pool).

Multi-intstrumentalist: Eirik Havnes
Piano: Vetle Nærø
Cello: Kari Sandnes and Ingvild Nesdal Sandnes
The band Future Daughter


  • Parkgata 11 B
  • 6003 Ålesund



Where is Høstscena 2022: Europe after the rain // Bybadet in Ålesund?