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Her career began in the folk music milieu at a young age, but she has moved out of this and towards the pop world - even though the songs have an unmistakable Bratland character. In recent years, Ingebjørg has been very active on the concert front and has toured regularly with various projects, including the records "Månesinn" in 2015, "Hjartskjell" in 2017 and "Papirfly" in 2020, in addition to the hymn project "Til Alle Tider" with Espen Lind in 2019 and the Christmas project "Klokkene kallar" which consisted of an EP and a lovely Christmas anthology published in collaboration with Cappelen Damm on the eve of 2020.

Ingebjørg is curious and searching in her music choices, and this is visible among a bunch of her best-known songs, which are a mixture of her own and interpretations of other people's songs. With songs such as "Jul i Svingen", "Ingen som du", "På farskart", "Because I love you", "Ljos", "Stars" with Lars Vaular, "Vintersong", "Bror", "Di Ingebjørg" , she has drilled her way into the Norwegian folk soul. Live, she is a fabulous communicator, and a concert with Ingebjørg always offers lovely songs interspersed with warm anecdotes. That mix has earned her a large and enthusiastic audience across the country in addition to over 63 million streams on digital platforms and both gold and platinum trophies for her physical releases. CONTRIBUTOR Ingebjørg Bratland Guitar - Sjur Husom Vonen Keys - Eiolf Ødegård Fele - Erlend Viken Bassist – TBC

Ingebjørg Bratland


March 12:


  • Mauritz Kartevolds Plass 1
  • 4306 Sandnes
51 60 20 10

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