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The boat Solvik brings you island hopping from Hardbakke to northern part of Solund. Most of the time, the boat will stay on calm waters and pass by narrow inlets and small communities where people live. The boat's captain will also guide throughout the tour.

Stopping at Buskøy, the guide will give a tour of the historic execution site. After the guiding, you can explore the old trading village on your own. This will provide an insight into the history of Buskøy and the various establishments that have been run out of the old trading town. After stopping at Buskøy, the tour continues through the small island communities before returning to Hardbakke.

You can also purchase soup with bread in advance when you book the tickets. There is also a chance to buy beverages, coffee and waffles/small pancakes at Buskøy.

Details of the tour

The boat departs from Hardbakke to Buskøy, and back, Thursdays and Sundays from 20th of June to 15th of August 2021.


11.00 The boat depart from Hardbakke in Solund

12.00 Arrival Buskøy and guided tour of the old execution site

12.45 Visit the old trading town and explore Buskøy on you own. Enjoy a meal while enjoying the view of the harbour

14.15 Depart from Buskøy

15.00 Arrive at Hardbakke

Good to know

  • Remember to dress according to the weather. Parts of the trip takes place outside. Bring shoes for walking and a raincoat, as the weather may change during the trip.
  • Island hopping to northern Solund works well as a day trip.
  • There are ferries from Rysjedalsvika at 09.05 and Rutledal 09.30. The ferry arrives at Krakhella 10.00, and you arrive at Hardbakke around 10.40. You will return to Hardbakke after the island hopping to northern Solund at 15.00, and there will be plenty of time to return to the ferry to Rutledal and Rysjedalsvika 17.30.

The story of Buskøy

During the 17th century, Fredrik Busch built a great trading town with grand residences, tower rooms, general stores, and jekt harbors. Kong Fredrik IV granted Busch to run "Kræmmerleie og gjestgivarverksemd"  at Buskøy in 1705. This meant that Buskøy would be as place of trade, commerce and hospitality. Buskøy was bought by Hans Christian Buskøy in 1849, and Buskøy has since stayed in the Hess family.

Buskøy was early to establish a small post office, steam boat expeiditons and a telegraph station. Georg Balchen Hess built "Sveitserhuset", which is still the main house on Buskøy. In later years, many innovative people have run various industries like salmon raising, rocks, and as an base for kelp and fish gathering. 


Explore Buskøy's nature up close. The walking paths on Buskøy display the costal nature by the great ocean. Relax while you walk around the nature by the colorful conglomerate stones, the quite waters and inlets with the sound of the ocean on your west.

Enjoy the fantastic panoramic view. You can spot the cateteristic sailing sites Alden and Kinnaklova to your north, Norway westernmost light house Utvær to your west, and the endless great ocean far away. 


NOK 600


  • 6924 Hardbakke


Guide available:
  • Summer

Where is Island Hopping to northern Solund?