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Bach's Christmas Oratorio is one of the most famous and played sacred works by the German composer. The work consists of six parts, each of them structured as a cantata, one for each of the then three Christmas festivities (25, 26 and 27 December, the birth story), the New Year's Day (circumcision and naming), the Sunday after the New Year and the holy Three Kings Day (6 January).Only part of the music was newly composed by Bach. Several chorales and arias come from secular works Bach had previously composed, including congratulatory cantatas for the Saxon duchy, and such reuse or adjustments of previously composed music are called parodies. Not because they are funny, as we associate with the word today, but as a serious technique or as a reuse of music to present new text.Participating: Stavanger Cathedral Choir, Stavanger Cathedral Boys 'Choir, Stavanger Cathedral Girls' Choir, Stavanger Cathedral Singers,Stavanger Cathedral Ensemble, soloistsThe doors open: 1 hour beforeCompanion: free without ticket

    Where is J. S Bach: Juleoratorium del 1-3?