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This autumn, the stage is set for June Kommune in Stavanger. Now she finally gets the chance to get all the municipality's residents to speak directly. And June Kommune has a lot on its mind. Here it is just to rejoice. With her on stage, she also has a stage talent that she has found among the municipality's inhabitants. Jan Rune Holdhus is the chosen one. He is the comedian, singer and actor, and June Municipality thinks it is great to be able to use his magnificent stage debut to also promote other municipal artists. Jan Rune has contributed to Stavanger and Norway's cultural scenes for almost 20 years. He has been regularly on the standup stage at Latter, at Ricks in Bergen and at Rogaland Theater, to name a few. He was also one of the finalists in the humor initiative for NRK "Den Norske humor" where Harald Eia stated that Holdhus had a brilliant career on stage ahead of him. And well, in 2021 he was not nominated for the Stavanger municipality's culture prize. I wonder if June Kommune had a finger in the pie there as well. Jan Rune he collected on the ups and downs of life. Both categories involve highlights that are worth taking part in this autumn's performance at Humorhuset Stavangeren. Both can be loud fun at times. In Jan Rune's version, they are. The pursuit of self-irony is central to this performance, performed in a varied style with versatility in humor, song and subtle inventions. By the way, this is the first time both June Kommune and Jan Rune Holdhus have taken the stage solo in an all-night performance. Then it is safe to have Stavanger's humor master Pål Mangor Kvammen on stage. Welcome to a fresh, fun and inclusive show! The event is in Norwegian.


    • Vaisenhusgaten 37
    • 4012 Stavanger
    51 84 38 51

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