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We are excited to have this band back again!

November 6 -20 Johnny Johnny and The Prayehouse People released their third album, "To Moritz", a dedication to the entrepreneur and cosmopolitan from Haugesund who was one of the first Jews in Norawy deported by the Germans during World War II. Moritz Rabinowitz was kicked to death outside of one of the barracks in Sachsenhausen in 1942.

Many of the songs on the album goes deep into the human evil, but the hope and the good of humans are also highlighted. History tends to repeat itself, as many a wise observer has noticed over time. The individual does well to know her and work to avoid stepping up in her dark footsteps.

Musically, it ranges widely this time, from rock to folk, from impact to the delicate. Those who have heard Johnny Red and The Prayerhouse People before will both feel that and find new elements in "To Moritz" The two previous albums have received rave reviews, including from Stavanger Aftenblad's reviewer, who has twice rolled the five on the dice.

Vårt Land's reviewer wrote about the first album: "The album… is stumbling close to deserving the title a milestone in Norwegian rock."

The doors open at 19.00 with sale of pizza and good drinks


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    • 4364 SIREVÅG
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