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After releasing the honest and personal album "#FRIKJENT" to rave reviews and radio listings in January 2021, Kamelen kept the summer warm with the house-banger "Creme de la creme". The song was put together by a star team of producers and songwriters, including Anders Nilsen (Matoma, Katastrofe), André Jensen (R3HAB, Tungevaag) Emir Hindic (EMIR, Sushi x Kobe) and Maciek Ofstad (Kvelertak). Hip hop artist and storyteller Kamelen, also known as Slim Kamel, became famous overnight when he escaped from police custody while releasing the single "Say Nothing" in 2015. Kamelen has, with frequent releases, established himself as an underground favorite and a important musical voice for an underrepresented group. In 2018, he was nominated for both the Gramo scholarship and Spellemann for "Breakthrough of the Year". On the wall also hang trophies for the album "Kingpin Slim" and songs such as "Lil Homie", "Beng Beng Beng", "Say nothing", "Klubbkamel" and "Vil ba vekk". The album "#FRIKJENT" was inspired by four months in custody for a robbery he did not commit. The collection of songs was in response to the accusations, and an insight into an intensely frustrating period, and contained songs such as "STAKKEN", "FERRARI" and "SIDEN DAG 1".

But it is in live format that the Bergen rapper really is in his right element. Stavanger and the Concert Hall are ready to receive Kamelen, 11 February! This concert is played for standing audiences in Zetlitz. 18-YEAR-OLD LIMIT At this event there is alcohol serving. Young people between 13-18 are allowed with a guardian. If you are under 18, you will find the guardianship form here. Guardianship form and valid identification are included at the concert. For the purchase of a wheelchair space, please contact the ticket counter on telephone 51 53 70 00, or DURATION 1 hour, without a break. ORGANIZER Stavanger Concert Hall


    • Sandvigå 1
    • 4007 Stavanger
    51 53 70 00

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