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Kathrine Lindman is a Norwegian jewellery artist and designer. After graduating from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, she founded the brand Kathrine Lindman Norwegian Jewellery in 1996. Growing up in the small island town of Kristiansund, surrounded by ocean, the natural scenic influences became obvious from an early age. Even to this day, she find the most pleasure from the shapes and color palettes created by the sea. No wonder her signature collection bears the name Seashell.

An international jewelry brand

Katrine Lindman Jewelry has been on display at New York Fashion Week, Saatchi Gallery (London), SOFA (Chicago) and the LA Art Show (Los Angeles). You can also watch and buy jewelry from one of the Norwegian galleries listed below, or through my webshop.

Wearable art

Her jewelry – most of which are carefully crafted in silver and enamel – has been worn and loved by strong, smart, and beautiful women around the world – among others Michelle Obama. Each tactile piece is created by her. She create for those who are drawn to divine beauty, raw strength, confidence, love, and originality – and want everything in one piece of highly wearable art.

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