Idyllic, easily accessible lake, 15 min walk from Kilsti on private forest road. Make sure that gates are properly closed; there are lots of goats in the area. Do not seek contact with the goats, the young animals can easily get lost from the herd.<br><br>
Please park only on the parking ground 400 m before you get to the farmhouses of Olav Kilsti. Parking beside the huses can only be done if the owner allows it, in order not to disturb work on the farm. <br><br>
<b>Fishing licence</b><br>
- Olav Kilsti +47 70 25 91 37<br>
- Leidulf Tafjord +47 70 25 91 02<br>


  • 6215 EIDSDAL
+47 70 25 77 67

Where is Kilstivatnet?