The farm shop is open between 12 and 16. It will also be open other days, but then it will be announced on Gøysa Gard's Facebook page.

Here you can buy regular kiosk goods such as ice cream, soft drinks, coffee and various sweets. They also collaborate with a number of local food suppliers and sell i.a. apple juice, juice, jam, chocolate, spring onion salt, ham etc. You can even buy some applied art, souvenirs and knitted hats and sweaters.

In the kiosk, they have a little of everything, which can either be enjoyed with a fantastic fjord view in the yard, or wrapped if you need a hostess or birthday gift.

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  • Gøysa Gard, Gøysavegen 26
  • 4110 Forsand
919 03 919



Green certifications

Kiosk and farm shop at Gøysa Gard in Forsand has received certification for its environmental efforts from:
  • MiljøfyrtårnMiljøfyrtårn
Environmental certification of private and public enterprises, also tourism.

Where is Kiosk and farm shop at Gøysa Gard in Forsand?

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