The hike to Klovane starts at Oldevatn Camping. Parking on the north side of the river Gjølelva (look at the map). Follow the gravel road to the farm. Turn left beside a red barn, and then first left. The path is marked with signs/red marks all the way to the top. The hike to Klovane is an airy trip with spectacular views of fjord, mountains, water and glaciers. The hike goes through steep terrain on the right side of the river Gjølelva. Towards the end the path goes through a steep part with some scrambling before you will reach the plateau at the top. Here you can enjoy the view from Rake in the north to the glacier Melkevollsbreen in the south.

Area: Breheimen with Jostedalsbreen
Type: Foot
Grading: Demanding
Length and duration: 6 km round trip, about 4 hours
Season: May - Oct.

Source: Nordfjord


    • 6791 Oldedalen

    Where is Klovane?