The 7,5 km hike up Mount Kvasshovden starts at sea-level and goes all the way up to 1065 meters above sea level. The hike starts at Ulvik Fjord Hotel and is thoroughly marked all the way. The terrain is steep with the occasional rugged terrain. Total time needed for the hike is 5-6 hours. Every year in July, an uphill race to the summit Kvasshovden following thistrail is held. In June, there may still be parts with remaining winter-snow near the summit. The view from the top is magnificent with striking fjords and tall mountains. Along the way, you will pass through a traditional Norwegian farm and walk alongside old summer pasture cabins for a taste of "Old Ulvik".


For more information, please contact the Tourist information office in Ulvik.


  • 5730 ULVIK
+47 40007199

Where is Mt. Kvasshovden?