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Join M/S Atløy on a lighthouse safari to Kvanhovden, Ytterøyane, and Stabben lighthouse! Travelling on the veteran boat M/S Atløy, the lighthouse safari is a fantastic round trip along the coast of Florø. Atløy is one of the Sogn & Fjordane's only county boats that still are in their original pre-war ship form. In the course of two lifetimes, the boat was used in local routes across Sogn & Fjordane county.

The boat will departure every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between 21. June - 16. August

Tuesday and Thursday: Departure 17.00 from Kolkaia in Florø

Sunday: Departure 13.00 from Kolkaia in Florø


Adult: NOK 400,-

Children: NOK 200,-

About the tour

The tour starts towards north and through the narrow inlet "Nærøysundet", before heading to the east of the island Hovden. After passing north Hovden, the boat arrives outside Kvanhovden lighthouse.

Kvanhovden lighthouse

The lighthouse is at the north western part of Hovden along the open ocean, and functions as a guide for the boats arriving from the North Sea. With a mystical and great landscape, the lighthouse is placed on rounded peaks 40 meters above the ocean. The black rounded peaks have been shaped by the ocean throughout thousands of centuries. Kvandhovden's surroundings are especially remarkable due to the many years of rough weather from the North Sea, and the mount's characteristic sand stone and conglomerate. The lighthouse is situated between the open ocean and steep Skorakinn, which is the tallest mountain on the island. There is a deep and mystical cave on the steep mountain side. The cave "Leirhole" have been used to hide and protect people in times of war and struggle. The lighthouse was built in 1985 and automated in 1980.

The tour continues south across Hellefjorden, with the majestic Store Batalden on the outside and the idyllic and green Vevlingen on the inside. M/S Atløy sails between narrow inlets between islets and skerries towards Båsundet, north west of Skorpa. Furthermore, the tour heads west to Ytterøyane lighthouse. You will pass Nærøya, where large groups of people lived around 1860. Today, there are only a couple of remains of foundation walls left.

Ytterøyane lighthouse

The lighthouse has a 20 meters tall cast iron tower on a large octagon concrete base. Including the base, the tower is 32 meters high. Next to the lighthouse is the machinery house, a residence, and an outhouse. There are remains of a forge on the pathway to the boat house. The area holds a rich flora and bird life, and nature conservation laws assure its protection as a conservation reserve. The lighthouse was built in 1881 and automated in 2004. Passing Ytterøyane lighthouse, the boat sails past Skropefjord towards Stabben lighthouse.  

Stabben lighthouse

The lighthouse was built in 1866 and is placed on a rounded islet in the middle of where local boat transportation passes. Stabben is placed on a stone base, set in mortar with iron. The lighthouse is one of the most unique lighthouses in the country and is easy to spot either from the coastal town Florø or on board on of the passing ships and boats. The strong streams and the muddied waters made the area on of the hardest areas to navigate along the Norwegian coast. As a consequence, Stabben lighthouse was built. The many shipwreckages and strandings, even after Stabben was built, have proved how difficult the area is to navigate. The lighthouse was automated in 1975.

The lighthouse safari tour takes about 3,5-4 hours. You will not have the chance to exit the boat and visit the islands, but you will be able to see a lot from the M/S Atløy. You can buy a warm or cold beverage on board.


NOK 400


  • 6900 Florø


Guide available:
  • Summer

Where is Lighthouse safari to Kvanhovden, Ytterøyane and Stabben lighthouse?

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