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Last year the Children's and Youth Theater turned 65 and the Children's Theatre's father and founder Bjørn Endreson would have turned 100 years old. It had to be celebrated! And the celebration continues this spring!

Full of enthusiasm and understanding for what lives of creative powers in children, Bjørn Endreson made it possible for children to have the same professional framework as adults when they performed in theatre. The entire technical and artistic apparatus was set in motion, nothing was to be second-rate! This led to Bjørn Endreson's children's theatre becoming a very viable success, which we enjoy today!

In the beginning, Endreson both wrote and directed all the plays the Barneteatret put on, to the great delight of both large and small audiences!

A gift for our youngest audience members!

This autumn, theatre maker and director Kathrine Junger Ims took up the legacy of Endreson. She went hunting in Endreson's many stories and together with seven actors from the Children's and Youth Theatre, she brought some of his favourite characters to life in this tribute to the Children's Theatre's father.

With simple but effective theatre moves, six children and a Little Mouse-maid, we take you on a magical discovery of naughty stepsisters, delicious cheeses, a rat, dirty jesters, a shoe looking for a princess and musical treats.

Suitable for children between 3 and 8 years. Fun for the whole family!

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12 Nov 2022 - 18 Mar. 2023

40 minutes without a break

Recommended age limit: 3 - 8 years


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