The museum is a memory of a dramatic day at the end of the war in Norway. A major allied air force, attacked a German fleet in Førdefjord, but was ambushed by the German fighters. The Allies lost ten aircrafts, the Germans lost five aircrafts and a total of 24 lives were lost. Memorials are set up both in Scotland and in Forde. Squadron and survivors  still reminds the fallen and tells the story to help the history not to repeat itself. The attack went wrong and unnecessary many young lives were lost. The museum is a collection of objects from the wreck, models and a large collection of photographs from the event.

The museum is also a dining establishment within the Norwegian Food producers. They offer good homemade food.

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  • Frammarsvik
  • 6817 Naustdal
+47 57 81 82 60

Where is Luftkampmuseum?