Lysebotn is a small place located at the end of Lysefjorden in Sandnes. It is a great tourist destination with over 120 000 visitors every year. 

During the summer (June - September), the tourist ferry departs from Lauvvik and Forsand to Flørli, Songesand and Lysebotn. The express boat goes in to Lysefjorden all year except Saturdays.

Lysevegen and up towards Hunnedalen is only open during summer, normally June to September. Lysevegen, road 500, to Sirdal goes through 27 hairpin bends up one of the mountainsides and is 29 km long. The road was opened in 1984 and has its highest point at 932 meters. At the top of the bends is Øygardsstøl mountain restaurant with parking and service buildings for walkers going to Kjerag.

Lysebotn has camping, cabins, Bed & Breakfast several places and also tourist lodge with high standard and service. Guided kayak trips and other activities are offered during the summer. Lysebotn is also the starting point for many base jumpers who jump from Kjerag. In Lysebotn there is a beginners course for base jumpers.

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Where is Lysebotn in Lysefjorden?