A varied and slightly hilly route southwest of Stavanger city centre. You pass through residential areas, then through forest, after a while along the sea and in the end along a peaceful hiking path at Madla. The route has several nice viewing points on both sides of Ullandhaugsveien. Large, nice green area with a small beach, Møllebukta, where the famous and large monument "Swords in rock" is located, in commemoration of the battle at Hafrsfjord.  Start: Bike path at the roundabout at Madlaveien/ Madlamarkveien, around four km west of Stavanger city centre. Stop: Where the hiking path at Madlaforen crosses the bike path by Revheimsveien, around 0,5 km west of where the tour started. Challenges: Some hills on the first two and a half kilometers, where some might need to roll their bike for a bit. Be aware: Some steep hills from Sørmarka towards Madlaveien, there is a signposted bicycle lock to make sure bikers keep a low speed downhill. Car traffic: Crossing of a pretty busy road via the pedestrian crossing, and a couple of less busy roads, otherwise free of cars. Bike type: All types. Special considerations: Hiking paths, both on asphalt and gravel, be respectful of people walking. Winter snow clearance: Through Sørmarka and along Hafrsfjord.

This route is part of a series of green bike routes by Syklistenes Landsforening, close to the city, stress free bike routes in the largest cities of Norway. Find the rest of the routes on Syklistenes Landsforening's website.

Where is Madla via Ullandshaug and Hafrsfjord?