Månafossen waterfall is with its 90 metres in free fall the tallest waterfall in the county of Rogaland. The hike starts at Eikeskog where the track is combined with stair climbing on the first part of the hike. There are several lookout points to see the falls.

Månafossen is ranged no. 9 in Norway, and is one of the largest tourist attractions in the county. Your hike should not, however end here. You will most certainly be able to continue yet another small climb, for another half an hour. Suddenly, you find yourselves at the ancient restored mountain farm of Mån. Up until 1915, people lived here at the starting point of valley Fidjadalen. Spend a day or two, there are nice camping grounds on the grass fields down towards the river. It is also possible to stay the night at Friluftsgarden Mån, however this must be booked in advance. If you bring along your fishing pole, there are good chances of catching a mountain trout or two. (Månafossen hike: 1 hour return trip).  

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  • Eikeskog
  • 4335 Dirdal
51 61 11 00

Where is Månafossen?