The hike starts at the opposite of a white building containing 5 garages in Veslebygda (road Fv722).

Duration: 6 hours
Length: 16.2 km
Difficulty: Demanding
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Follow this roads in the directions of the "Fure Dalen" Signs. You will pass an old Farm, the dirt road will stop approximately at 400mas. Here a trail starts into Fure dalen. Above the tree line you pass a couple of small cabins, at 850mas you reach "Botnevatna". Go west and cross the river at the edge of the lake. From this point there is no trail anymore (use map and compass, a GPS, or norgeskart on a mobile device).

Once the river crossed follow the lake 50m and move North up the hill. After a short while you will be able to see the mountains at the opposite of "Oppstrynsvatnet". Start moving east until you reach a stream. Cross the stream and move east-south-east up the hill (some scrambling). The top of the Marsåhyrna is indicated white a pile of stacked stones, it's easy to find.

You can walk back the same way you came from, or you can choose the route dowm to Flo.
The way down to Flo: From the top go downhill east-North-east until you reach a stream ("Eggene"), follow this stream (east-north-east). When the stream start moving into the direction of the "Oppstrynsvatnet" stop following it and move east after 0.5km you will see another stream, you also will see the mountains at the opposite of "Ångelsvatnet". "Rinddalshyrna" is a good taget to stay on track. Following the stream down too Nedre-Flosætra. Around 800mas, at your feet you see "Stigholvatnet" on your left and "Ångelsvatnet" on your right you can discover a (sheep)trail down, follow this to "Nedre-Flosætra".

From "Nedre-Flosætra", follow dirt road to Flo.

Source: Nordfjord


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