In 2010 we built a new goat barn, with room for about 200 dairy goats. All milk from the farm goes to the dairy and the production of "Snøfrisk" cheese.
Goat kids are slaughtered in the spring, and this is popular barbecue in the summer season. We create sausages and cured meats of pure goat meat.

All the skins of goats and kids are tanned, and are popular gift articles.

The raspberry is a wonderful raw material, and we make our own juices, jams and jellies. We constantly try out new products based on berries and fruit.

The new farm kitchen /- shop were opened in spring 2011. You will find our own products there, and also products from several other local food producers in "The Happy End - Norddal".

Together with "The Happy End" we offer activities and adventures based on local culture, nature and traditions.

Torunn & Petter


  • Melchiorgarden
  • 6214 NORDDAL

Where is Melchiorgarden Gardsutsal?