Several rivers flow from the mountains into the Myklebust Valley. These waterfalls are among the highest in the world. Spirefossen has a fall of 690 meters. Strupenfossen in the river Strupen consists of several smaller falls with a total fall height of 820 meters.

Bike ride in Myklebustdalen
This is an easy and nice walk of about 10 kilometers, and with a height difference of approx. 300 meters. The tour starts at a gate about 200 meters from the cultivated fields in Myklebustdalen. The first part of the trip, until the Myklebuststøylen goes on a tractor road, continues on marked trails. The walk goes through the valley with steep mountain sides on both sides. The valley river on the Myklebustsida and Veitebergelva on the Stardalsida are large of all tributaries.

Source: Nordfjord


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Where is Myklebustdalen ?