Norway Chess is one of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments annually hosting a tournament with the global top players. Every year, the chess elite meets in Stavanger to participate in this action-packed tournament, and for many players, it is perhaps the most attractive tournament they participate in.

Through the Norway Chess tournament, Stavanger has become one of the world’s chess metropolises. This annual event has become an important arena for Stavanger and the rest of the region. The organiser still has ambitious goals such as the development and utilisation of the opportunities it offers.

Norway Chess has played a major part in making chess available for all, especially by:

  • commercialising chess as a sport
  • introducing chess on national tv
  • contributing to the development of chess
  • utilising the opportunity chess gives to connect people from all backgrounds, cultures, ages and languages
  • focusing on sponsors and a high level of professionalism

They offer a professional, live international webcast (in several languages). They host child and youth tournaments and open tournaments every year. Their tournaments and side-events are set at spectacular venues.

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Where is Norway Chess in Stavanger?