Around the water there are many beautiful hikes you can walk. These include summit hikes, valley hikes, fishing trips and hikes to old, abandoned mountain farms.

An historical boat trip

M/K Ørsdølen is currently in tourist traffic on the 17 km long Ørsdalsvatnet lake in Bjerkreim. Ørsdølen was the last boat that went on organised scheduled traffic on a lake in Rogaland county. The traffic was formally ended in 1983. Today's "Ørsdølen" is the third motor boat on Ørsdalsvatnet, which arrived in 1964. The first boat, "Lillegutt" was purchased by the farmers in Ørsdalen in 1900, the other was built in 1923, and also got named "Ørsdølen". 


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Where is Ørsdalsvatnet lake?