Starting point Osa

About the trail Ossete means "Osa Summer-farm". The hike is steep but rewarding as you reach the top and gaze down at the glistening Osa fjord.

The hike starts at a marked trail from Osa through Norddalen ("the North valley"). The trail has some very steep parts, which may be slippery when wet. Enjoy the breathtaking views over the waterfalls and the wild river cascading down the valley as you make your way up the narrow Norddalen valley. The summer farms are situated by a quiet river and a small lake. We recommedn wearing sturdy mountain boots. While in Osa, you may also visit the art gallery Hjadlane galleri and get up-close to Røykjafossen waterfall. Time allowing, you could also drive up the Osa mountain for some additional spectacular views and get the full Osa-experience.

Parking: Osa, near the fjord or at Hjadlane. Parking fee: None Length: 6 km (one way) Total ascent: 600 meters Total walking time: 4-6 hours Season (average year): June – October


  • 5730 Ulvik
+47 40 00 71 99


Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
  • Summer

Where is Osa/Ossete - Summer pasture farm hike?