The church was built around year 1250. Originally the church was very simple with only one room. Eventually it was expanded, a hallway was built and it was decorated inside. In the middle of 19th century the church was rebuilt and got white panels on the outside and inside. However, the church was restored in the early 20th century and got back most of its embellishments from the middle ages.

Røldal stave church is probably the most known pilgrim church and was the second most important pilgrim destination after Nidarosdomen in catholic times. The reason for this is the crucifix that according to tales has a healing power every midsummer. At midnight the pilgrims held a church service and they got to receive the healing drops of the crucifix. Even though this kind of activity was banned after the reformation, the pilgrims continued travelling to this church up to around year 1850.

Today the church is still used as a parish church. The pilgrim activities has increased in modern times and every year there's arranged a pilgrim convention the weekend closest to midsummer, 7th of July.

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Where is Røldal stave church?