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Travel like the locals! Bus from Ålesund - Åndalsnes - Trollstigen - Valldal - Ålesund. Buy your tickets here.

This round trip goes straight from Ålesund to Åndalsnes before embarking on Trollstigen - one of the best known and most visited tourist sites in Norway. If you go on the early departure from Ålesund you time in Åndalsnes to enjoy some of the possibilities offered there, for example a hike up to "Rampestreken". Towards Trollstigen, the hairpin road leads up to the summit 850 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking views as the bus curves upwards. The bus stops for 25 minutes at the Trollstigen plateau, allowing you to enjoy the views and take photos. The return journey to Ålesund goes through Valldal, a beautiful valley surrounded by mighty mountains. The climate in Valldal makes it the perfect place for agriculture, especially for growing strawberries. Departure from: Ålesund bus terminal, track 4


NOK 789


  • Ålesund-Åndalsnes-Trollstigen-Valldal-Ålesund
  • 6001 ÅLESUND
+47 70 30 98 00

Where is Roundtrip from Ålesund to Trollstigen and Valldal?

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