Rugsundet is the "shortcut" to Nordfjord when one comes south from inland to Frøysjøen. The notorious Rugsund stream is also a short distance from the old trading town. The cozy and good harbor centrally located by the inner shipping liner along the coast was sought after by the seafarers. Today, the harbor is widely visited by boat tourists who have seriously discovered the idyllic and peaceful harbor. At Rugsund trading town you can also stay overnight. You can rent rooms, apartments, houses or a tent site. You have the opportunity to rent a party room for private events, such as weddings, confirmations, corporate excursions, conferences, etc. In the Rugsund area, diving is very good. Here tourists come from all parts of the world and comment on the beautiful diving experience found in Rugsund. At the trading town you can fill diving bottles. When you are on the Rugsund Bridge, take one meter from the tunnel openings. We recommend slowing down and parking in the first parking lot, in the city to drive all the way down the old, narrow road.

Source: Nordfjord


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