On the stone is an inscription cut into runes. The inscription is indicative of: King Olav shot between these stones. There has been a lot of speculation about the content of the inscription. Who was this King Olav, when - and why did he shoot? And where was the other stone?

Runologists believe that the inscription is from around 1100. This may fit with Olav Kyrre (king 1066-93). Others have thought that it must be Olav Trygvason (king 995-1000). Snorre wrote that he was the greatest athlete in Norway in all parliments. Still, it is not very reasonable that it may be he who is writing about. He was king for only five years and there is nothing in the soga about him visiting villages in Sogn during his reign. The inscription can also be a tradition that applies to another king, e.g. Olav Haraldsson, the saint (King 1015-1030). He was the most widely known of the old Norwegian kings, and the one most people are blessed with.


  • Stedje
  • 6851 SOGNDAL

Where is Runestone from the 1100s, Sogndal?