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You can rent the sauna for 2 hours, NOK. 300, - per person, minimum 2 people. You can be up to 8 people in the same sauna. NOTE: If you book for only 2 people, it will still be possible for others to book the sauna. If you rent sauna # 2 in addition to sauna # 1 (room for another 5 people) it can be rented 700 kroner for 2 hours! - In that case - Contact: or call if it is urgent.

In our booking system you can book time up to 24 hours before rental. Toilet is at Utstein Kloster Hotel, approx. 100 meters from the sauna. Remember to change before entering the hotel. There is a fresh water shower out the door on the right. - See also rules of order. Groups who want to rent the sauna for longer than 2 hours, call us 90 36 16 56 or send a message to 41 44 77 22 Welcome!


  • Mosterøyveien 661
  • 4150 Rennesøy

Where is Sauna by the water's edge?