The food the sheep eat when grazing in the Sirdalsheiene moors coupled with the good exercise they receive, produce extra delicious meat. In 1880, as many as 80 000 sheep were grazing in the moorlands here. Today, the number of sheep in the region is reduced to around 20,000 animals. During the event, Sirdalsdagene, you can experience the majority of sheep coming down from the mountain! The history of the sheep in Sirdal is unique in Norway, and the event marks this tradition with three days of fun in Sirdal for the entire family! There will be entertainment for the entire family. You can witness sheep shearing, carding and spinning of wool.

Concerts, children's activities, and a marketplace where you can see most of what is happening in Sirdal or get a good bargain at one of the sales booths. You can also taste local food. On Saturday, a party takes place in the tent and you can celebrate that the animals have come safely down from the mountains. Don't miss this if you like dancing, listening to good music or if you just like a good party.


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Where is Sirdalsdagene?