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Adventurous musical theater for the whole family

Join Gerda on a journey through dangers and great obstacles to save her best friend from the curse of the Snow Queen! How good can the good win when it looks dark?

H.C. Andersen's well-known adventure The Snow Queen is a magnificent family supply with newly written music, beautiful melodies and a vivid image.

Gerda and Kay are best friends. When winter comes with a heavy snowstorm, Kay gets an ice splash in the eye. He curses Gerda, gets lured away by the Snow Queen and disappears. Everyone thinks he's dead - except Gerda. Despite Kay hurting her, she retains her belief in finding and rescuing him. We get to follow Gerda's travel to find her best friend. She faces many challenges along the way - and at the end of the journey, the big question awaits: Can she break the curse?

Snow Queen is a classic fairy tale about how the forces between the good and the bad take place - also known to many from Disney's movie Frost, which is inspired by the story of the Snow Queen.


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