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Join in on a guided snowshoe trip to the great Trollveggen Viewpoint! A scenic hike in a winter wonderland surrounded by the unique Romsdals nature!

This snowshoe hiking tour starts in Vengedalen, a 15 minute drive from the center of Åndalsnes. With the beautiful mountains on all sides, you and your guide leisurely walk on modern snowshoes and ski poles through the valley to the path that leads you to the fantastic Trollveggen Viewpoint.

Here you can look straight at the Trollveggen, down the crystal green Rauma river and out to the elongated Romsdalsfjord. A hike usually takes about 2 hours and 1.5 hours on the trip down again.

An unforgettable winter tour that gives you the best experience!

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  • Vollan 3
  • 6300 ÅNDALSNES
71 22 25 00

Where is Snowshoe hike to the Trollveggen viewpoint?