This is a challenging hike with a steep ascent. You should be used to hike in the mountains, and not be afraid of heights. I you feel uncertain about your own limits it is recommended to join a guided tour to Stabbeskaret. 

The hike starts by crossing the river by the cafeteria at Trollstigen plateau, and continues towards the famous Trollstigen-view point. The signpost to Stabbeskaret leads you up the mountainside to the right, towards Stigbotn. From here the path steepens a bit up to the back of the mountain. Follow red marks and the cairns, and look for a tiny glacier. Walk on the left side of the glacier, to Frokostplassen. From Frokostplassen continue up to Semletind and to the lowest part between Semletind and Stabben. The last part is steep, and is a bit of a struggle. But you will rewarded with the greatest view on top of the edge - it is definitely worth the hassle!

Some advices for the hike:

Good footwear. Hiking boots with ancle support are preferable. Please note that early in the season the path can be partly covered with snow. Ask for advice if you are uncertain.

Enough to eat and drink.

Some extra windproof clothing in case the weather changes (it can be a bit windy in the area).

Buy a map of the Romsdal-mountains at our office before you go.

The startpoint for the hike is accessible with bus from Åndalsnes from the end of June to August. Take the bus in the morning from Åndalsnes to Trollstigen, and join the afternoon return bus from Trollstigen to Åndalsnes.


  • Trollstigen
  • 6300 ÅNDALSNES
70 23 88 00


  • Autumn
  • Summer
Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
  • Daytrip (4-12h)

Where is Stabbeskaret?