We are looking forward to the launch of the Stavanger Chamber Music Festival 2022, which will be number 32 in a row.

We look forward to inviting both local and visiting audiences of all ages to more beautiful experiences. Stavanger Chamber Music Festival is one of Europe's leading chamber music festivals, and artistic leaders Christian Ihle Hadland and Andreas Brantelid guarantee a unique artistic quality program.

Nowhere has beauty and neuroses wandered hand in hand as in Vienna.

Nowhere has beauty and neuroses wandered hand in hand as in Vienna. As the capital of the enormous Habsburg monarchy, which at its largest extended to the Balkans, Bohemia and present-day Ukraine, Vienna was like a mighty river, a rushing inferno where all currents met and then flowed on. But there was also room for the homely and sunny; the Austrian ländler and mountain songs immortalized by Schubert, Kreisler's gentle melancholy and Haydn's carefree tones. Towards the beginning of the 20th century much was to change, we got the nervous but heartfelt second Viennese school with Berg and Webern, the eternally homeless Mahler, Nietzsche who more than cheated in the composer's profession and a stream of talents that later did not find room in all the crowd, including Franz Schreker, Ignaz Friedman and Franz Schmidt, with whom we will become acquainted this year.

And of course, Mozart is included, the man who mirrors all epochs and at the same time stands completely out of time in his god-given wreath. We will also travel along the Danube and hear tones from the Black Forest in Germany, Romanian flat settlements, the dusty streets of Bratislava and the plains of Hungary. There will be family performances, yoga concerts, pub concerts and the Estonian choir Vox Clamantis will unite Gregorian chant and Pärt's tones at Utstein monastery.

When it comes to this year's festival, we finally dare to invite musicians from abroad again, and we are visited by a beautiful group from both the Nordics and the rest of Europe: Diana Ketler, Kristian Bezuidenhout, Bengt Forsberg, Sasha Sitkovetsky, Henning Kraggerud, Alma Kraggerud, Sara Øvinge, Andres Maurette O'Brien, Gustavo Tavares, Thorsten Johanns, Boris Brovtsyn, Catharina Chen, Eivind Ringstad, Razvan Popovici, Torleif Thedeen, Pieter Wiespelwey, Thorsten Johanns, Sverre Indris-Joner and more. We also get a visit from one of the world's very best quartets Quatuor Mosaïques and the fantastic choir Vox Clamantis from Estonia.

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