The hall is used for both training of Stavanger Hockey as well as figure ice skating and is also open to the public for skating. Skating for the public opens in October and will be open on Wednesdays and weekends. Bring your friends, family or colleagues along for an activity a bit out of the ordinary.


The Siddishallen was opened in 1968. At that time there was only one ice rink in Norway from before.

The hall has always been frequently used. Although Siddishallen is one of the country's oldest ice rinks, it has nevertheless emerged as one of the country's best. Siddishallen has just undergone total rehabilitation and now appears as new. The ice hockey rink meets international standards and has the latest requirements for use. In addition, a sports centre has been built over 2 floors, which is used by weightlifting clubs and various types of martial arts.

It is Stiftelsen Stavanger Ice Hall that built and operates the ice rink. The foundation was established in 1966 and aims to run an ice rink, as well as to participate in other sports promotion measures in the municipalities.

The entire facility is adapted for disabled athletes. The mittens around the ice hockey rink are adapted to sledge hockey and sledge hockey equipment has been purchased.

Every ice rink must have its own mascot. We also have that in Stavanger Ice Hall. The mascot Isi is used for various activities such as birthday parties, visits to kindergartens etc.

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