More than 3,000 parking spaces available in Stavanger city. Stavanger Parkering accommodates parking close to your most attractive destinations. When using one of their parking spaces you are close to the best experiences; pulsating city life, shopping, cultural events, festivals and sport events. You can also park at the railway station, and you are seven "train minutes" away a fantastic experience at the Viking stadium. How to pay for parking? You pay either by cash, card or with your smartphone. Stavanger Parkering has developed a parking app available for both Apple and Android users. Search for Stavanger Parkering, and download. By using the app, you only pay for the time you actually park, and you can extend the time of parking at any time. Payment happens automatically via a credit card that you save in the app.  Safety  The parking regulations reduce the number of total traffic accidents in a city street by up to 30%! One of our main tasks is to ensure the parking regulations are upheld. Unsafety due to wrong parking often affects the weakest and youngest in traffic. Clear passage There should always be clear passage! It is when you need it most that you see the value of this. Imagine that fire fighters cannot get through to your burning house, or that the ambulance cannot reach your loved ones in time. In your daily routines, you are also dependent on passage for delivery of goods or renovation. The traffic officers are your guarantee to you that all the parking regulations are followed - it could be a matter of life or death!


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  • 4005 STAVANGER
51 50 76 72


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