In the small village community Stordal, renowned for its furniture, you can visit the remarkable Rose Church from 1789.

With its unique Baroque and Renaissance adornments on both walls, ceiling and pillars it is a church like no other. Many of the lovely artefacts date back to the old stave church that was situated at the area in The Middle Ages, amongst other a font and a crucifix. The church is part of a charming village yard with four beautiful old buildings. Around the church you'll find an old vicarage from 1850, a house from 1750, used for storing food, and the farmhouse "Løsetstova" from the 1790s.

Road description: You will find the Rose Church by the road 650 about 60 km eastward from Ålesund centre.


NOK 45


  • 6250 STORDAL
70 27 81 40

Where is Stordal Old Church?