The bedrock at Sunnmøre was formed at the beginning of time. Since then, through millions of years, the shifting glaciers have dug out fjords and valleys and left behind a magnificent area of peaks and summits. It is the interaction between the Hjørundfjord glacier and the many flank glaciers that has formed the Sunnmøre Alps. The majestic Sunnmøre Alps are a veritable eldorado for mountain lovers, beautifully situated around several of the Sunnmøre fjords. The jagged peaks rise up from the fjords, many of them reaching altitudes of around 1,600 metres. Popular tourist venues include Molladalen, Slogen, Råna, Jønshorn and Kolåstinden, and the area also boasts of beautiful glaciers such as the Regndal and Gullmor Glaciers.

Ask the Tourist Information or Aalesund - Sunnmøre Touristboard for information and suggestions for hiking in this are. Here you can also buy maps. The annual "Naturfestivalen" (Festival of Nature) is arranged in the Ørsta area, and features among other things Northern Europe's steepest mountain race "Saudehornet rett opp" (Straight up the Saude Horn) as its main attraction. There are organised walks with guides, and skiing conditions are good in winter.


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