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Peter Forsstrøm, who introduced SUP to the Finnish Paddling and Rowing Association, teaches you the tips for a new fun hobby. What could be better than to slowly glide over the water while you feel the wind stroking your hair, listening to the seagull's song and sensing the sun shining on your face? Just you and nature in wonderful harmony! Coastal Adventures Ryfylke takes you on this intro course to learn how to stand on the sup board for the first time. Can you stand upright straight away? There may be some dives into the water, but who knows, you might be a natural? This is a wonderful, "soft" water activity that puts the roses in your cheeks at the end of the day. Feel free to book accommodation at the hotel as well, so that in the evening you can crawl into a good chair at Utstein Kloster Hotell with something good and warm in your cup. Or enjoy a better dinner at the hotel in the ocean gap. The course lasts about 1.5 hours.


  • Mosterøyveien 661
  • 4156 MOSTERØY

Where is SUP Intro (Stand Up Paddling)?