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The Russian National Ballet from Moscow returns with its production of the beloved ballet classic "Swan Lake". With Pyotr Tchaikovsky's immortal music (this time completed) it is one of the most popular ballet productions in the world. The performance has an adventurous plot, beautiful costumes and dance, all delivered by talented ballet dancers from Russia.

When Tchaikovsky wrote the music for "Swan Lake" in 1877, he thrilled both the ballet audience of the time and the classical music lovers. Russian ballet, and above all "Swan Lake", is characterized by letting emotions be expressed without losing a single word, step or tone. In the classical staging, music and dance together become a language that everyone immediately understands. In the roles of both the white - and the black - swan, we meet Liudmila Titova who has been this company's solo dancer since 2010.

Behind the Russian National Ballet from Moscow are the former Bolshoi dancers Sergei Radchenko and Elena Radchenko - also a soloist from Bolshoi and from Kirov, where "Swan Lake" originally comes from. They tour all over the world with the company.

«These very well-known Swan Lake markers were sitting right in the closet this day. Rarely have you seen such beautiful fouettes or four razor-sharp swan cubs in a row. It was there we held our breath and felt the rush. Where it is clear how difficult an art ballet is ». Review 4 stars - Kultur Nordjyske, Anne Matte Buch.

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