Sylte church in Valldal was built in 1863 and is a large longhouse-style church with 600 seats. The architect was Nils Andersen Liaaen from Ålesund, and the master builder was Gjert Lien from Nordfjordeid. The church has a great number of similarities to Sunnylven church from 1859. Much of the work carried out was voluntary - the local people were keen to see a new, fine church built on their side of the fjord. The many windows are large and the whole church is influenced by the popular construction style of that period when churches were built to be light, spacious and welcoming. The chancel has four stained glass windows with familiar motifs taken from the life of Jesus. These were donated as gifts to the church in connection with the 100-year anniversary of the church. The interior of the church is decorated in light and delicate colours and is simple and pure in style. The altarpiece is a copy of Gustav Dorés Jesus in Gethsemane, painted by Peder Cappelen Thurmann. Sylte church has only a few items that date from or are normally seen in churches from this particular period. It seems that the people of the times did not take special care of the old artefacts - neither the pulpit, christening font nor silver items from the previous churches in Valldal have been preserved. However, one item from that particular period remains: in connection with the removal of the Døving chapel to Sylte, the ancient altar table was not considered worthy of preservation. For a long time it was used as part of a staircase! During the 100-year celebrations for Sylte church someone decided to look for the stone tablet and the old altar table with carved communion recess has now been replaced in the church and is to be found to the left of the chancel steps (Source of original text: Norddal municipality). Open every day 15/6-15/8 from 10.00 -16.00.


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