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Hedda Award winner and audience success "The Mute" is set up again with original crew in Fartein Valen in 2022. The Mute was unveiled to 7,000 spectators at seven sold-out performances in Stavanger Concert Hall, March 2019. In June of the same year, the Hedda Award for Performance of the Year and for Best Scenography / Costume Design. "Impressive, original and touching" wrote Stavanger Aftenblad in its review. Now the Stavanger audience again gets the opportunity to experience the performance. Janove Ottesen has composed and arranged his first symphonic work, Christian Eriksen is responsible for the script and male lead. The music is performed by the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra with Janove Ottesen on piano.

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  • Composer/arrangement: Janove Ottesen
  • Screenplay: Christian Eriksen
  • Directed by: Christian Eriksen and Arne Nøst
  • Actor: Christian Eriksen
  • Actress: Nina Ellen Ødegård
  • Actor: Matias Kuoppala
  • Set designer: Arne Nøst
  • Choreographer: Therese Markhus
  • Costume Designer: Christina Lovery
  • Masquerade: Jill Tonje Holter
  • Lighting design and animator: Reidar Richardsen
  • Orchestration: Gisle Kverndokk
  • Conductor: Nick Davies

    DURATION about. 1 hour and 30 minutes

    ORGANIZER Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, The Mute


    • Sandvigå 1
    • 4007 STAVANGER
    51 53 70 00

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