Route description From the car park at the town hall, walk parallel to the E39 on the walkway past the fences to the river. Turn left before reaching the bridge and follow the road all the way up to the candle factory. Here, the road changes to a tractor road/path between the river and the field. Follow the path upwards for a total of 3.2 km until you reach the suspension bridge. Continue to the right after the suspension bridge and follow the river down the signposted path. After 3.2 km, you will return to Batnfjordsøra. Turn right over the "old bridge" and follow the pedestrian path to the parking lot by the town hall.

Arrival and parking From Molde, you drive the E39 to Batnfjordsøra. Follow the E39 past the sharp turn and take the last exit on the left side before leaving the city centre. From Kristiansund, you drive the E39 to Batnfjordsøra. Take the first turn to the right, where you can park between the town hall and the fencing.


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Where is The river path at Batnfjordsøra?