Kristiansund is famous for the production of klipfish. Klipfish – dried, salted cod – has been exported as a delicacy to southern Europe for several centuries. In return, we received spices and vibrant culture – the dish bacalao is a trademark of the town. Ask for bacalao at a restaurant – or maybe you would like to try making it yourself?

It is not difficult. All cooks have their own twist on this dish – find yours!

Driving Directions:
(The roundtrip has an effective driving time of about 7 hours, so it is recommended to stay overnight en route. Several eating places also offer accommodation).


The tour may begin with a visit to Klippfiskbutikken (The Klipfish shop) in Kristiansund. The store is located at City Hall and in the small quaint grocery store customers are always greeted with a smile and can buy dried fish in several grades and sizes.


Then drive on road 70 to Tingvoll and take the detour towards Torjulvågen. It is signposted "Tingvollost" from the road (1 hour). Tingvollost was awarded world champion of cheese in 2011! This friendly, family dairy farm stock six different white and blue cheeses, based on pasteurized (heat treated) cow's milk from their own farm. All cheeses are made on the basis of hand power and matured for up to 12 months before they are sold.


From Torjulvågen, drive back to road 70 and Tingvoll, turn towards Holmeide and follow the signs to "Den Glade Ku" (The Happy Cow) (25 min) who welcomes you to Nordigard farm. Sample Nordmøre specialty Mølsgraut, a sweet topping made with milk from their own, happy cows. Served on waffles, porridge and "bakels"! They also sell their own products of fruits and berries.


After visiting "The Happy Cow", proceed further on road 70 towards "Seterlandet Sunndal" (Summer pasture area Sunndal). Follow the signs towards Innerdalen valley (1 hour) and visit Renndølssetra summer pasture farm. Renndølsetra is located in Innerdalen valley, called by many the most beautiful mountain valley of Norway. Innerdalen also have a long and strong tradition of Norwegian mountain tourism, and was listed as Norway's first conservation area in 1967. Since 1950, mountain tourists received food and shelter at Renndølsetra farm. Summer farming has history dating back to 1740. Current production is sour cream and butter from cow and goat. Renndølssetra is only an hour easy walk from the parking in Innerdalen. The famous waffle is mandatory!


When you return to your car, you can continue to Torbuvollen summer pasture farm. Torbuvollen summer pasture farm is located on Aursjøvegen road. Drive to Sunndalsøra and follow the signs from there (1 hr 30 min) towards Aursjøvegen. Summer farming in Torbudalen started about 1840. Most farms were closed down as a result of the damming of Osvatn in 1954. Torbuvollen summer pasture farm was rebuilt in 1977, operating with cows and goats and processing of all the milk on the farm. It produces both sour cream and butter, brown and white cheese. The farm offers dining and lodging in a small annex. By agreement, it also offers guided cultural walks in the area. You can drive right up to the farm.


From Torbuvollen summer pasture farm, head on up Aursjøvegen, to Aursjøhytta tourist cabin (20 min). This is a Mountain lodge, with accommodation and refreshments. Waffles at the lodge is famous!


Turn at Aursjøhytta and head back to the road. Follow road 62 and eventually signs to Angvik (1 h 47 min). Find Angvik Gamle Handelssted. Their philosophy is to use the most of what nature offers us locally. Commodities are processed by skilled chefs and composed for exciting menus.


From Angvik you can then make the last leg of the tour, back to Kristiansund and Smia Fish Restaurant (1 h 15 min). The menu is mainly fish related, but there is also some element of meat, game and seafood. Basis for flavor experiences are primarily in the traditional cuisine of Nordmøre. Kristiansund is a clip fish city and forge specializes in dried fish dishes. Traditional bacalao is one of the hits here.



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