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On the outdoor stage, with the Atlantic on one side and the fjords on the other, we’ll take you back to the time of the feared Vikings.

Herøyspelet Kongens Ring (“The King’s Ring”) is about love – and conflicts between generations and religions – actual themes even today.

According to the press this is one of Norway`s best historical plays.

About 200 actors take part at the Herøy Amphi theatre. In addition, a semiprofessional orchestra and a choir participate on stage – that`s why the pageant is also often presented as a “Viking musical”.

Though historically not quite correct, the script is based on a visit that King Olav Haraldsson (Saint Olaf) made to the island of Herøy in 1027. This is described in the writings of the Icelandic historian Snorre Sturlason (1179–1241).


Uteamfi Herøy
July 02:
  • 13:30
  • 17:00
July 03:
  • 13:30
  • 17:00


  • Herøy, Fosnavåg
  • 6090

Where is The Viking pageant, "The King's Ring"!?