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In 2020 Midtsommar planted 2700 plants and in 2021 they planted 2600 more. In 2022, 1700 grape plants will be planted, and the first wine from the farm will be produced the same summer.

The vineyard Midtsommar at Hebnes in Suldal in Ryfylke grows different types of grapes to produce wine with and without alcohol.

At the vineyard they will produce wine based on self-produced raw materials. They like a combination of tradition and experiment.The field with grapes is located 50 meters from the fjord. The grapes that are grown on the farm can withstand cold temperatures in the winter. Midsummer grows most of the Solaris, which is a white grape that enjoys the long, bright days in Scandinavia. It is well suited for both white wine and bubbles. They are also considering producing orange wine, which is a white wine made as a red wine.

Rondo is blue grapes used for both white wine and red wine, and the superberry "haskap" is very suitable for red wine.

Midtsommar also grows other grapes like Leon Millot, Regent, Bolero and Muscaris.

In summer, Midsummer arranges guided tours with tastings at the vineyard. Duration: ca 1.5 times.

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Where is The vineyard Midtsommar at Hebnes?