Tre sjøers-turen (Three lakes hike) is a hike starting at Stavanger camping, Mosvannet.
Go to the left around the Mosvannet lake towards the Stavanger Museum of Fine Arts, where you will turn left and go up to the roundabout in Tjensvollkrysset. Take to the left, on the sidewalk in Madlaveien, walk past the DNB Arena until you get to Madla Amfi. Take to the right beneath the roundabout, and into the pat towards Store Stokkavatnet, where you will turn to the left, pass next to Stavanger Roklubb, and up to Speidermarka. Take the path over the fields, and then take the path to your left towards Hålandsvannet. Take to the left and around the lake, and the same way back to Speidermarka. 


Take to the left, around Store Stokkavatnet all the way to the pathway towards Lille Stokkavann. On the top to your right along Stokkaeidet. Continue to the left in Gustav Vigelandsvei, pass next to a supermarket, walk around 100 meters, and then turn right in St. Sindingsvei and a little bit in in Nedre Stokkavei, more or less 50 meters. Take to the right in the cross and follow Christian Skredsvigsvei. Turn to the left in Øvre Stokkavei. Continue in to Lassaveien to Adjunkt Hauglandsgate. Continue to the left, across a waling tunnel that is beneath E39 up to B. Christoffersensgate and continue up front to Eiganesveien. Here you will turn to your left and walk for about 100 meters before you go into the path and throughout the park to the bridge over Madlaveien towards Mosvatnet. Take to the left and follow the track along the lake to the goal that is the camping place. The same place as in the start!

Download map in PDF over the Three lake hike.

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Where is Three lakes hike?