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Welcome to the Vault and to a wonderful evening with Tommy Fredvang.The doors open at 18.30 | Concert start 20.00All rightsAbout the artist:From punk band to McCartney school to X-factor to ABBA to Stavanger comrades and solo career. Tommy Fredvang has never been in doubt that it is on stage that he belongs.Tommy Fredvang first became known to the general public when he broke through in the X-Factor in 2009. After his participation in the popular talent program, he had great success with his two singles "Wake up call" and "Always on my mind". Both songs sold for gold, and the former single from the debut album "From Now on" also reached the Top 3 on popular iDanceradio in Canada.Tommy Fredvang continued to make a good profile on TV and participated in the Norwegian MGP in 2012. He reached the final with the song "Make it better" written by him and Hanne Sørvåg.Recently, Fredvang chose to go to Los Angeles to fill with inspiration and knowledge. In LA, he worked with big names like André Lindal (Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Britney Spears) and Anthony Preston (Will.I.Am, Britney Spears, David Guetta) for several months and released the single "Give it a year" written by Ina Wroldsen.Star Wars and ABBA successIn 2015, Tommy was headhunted for the NRK success "Star Fight" and made such a good profile that the production company "Over Norge" handpicked him for the production "We love ABBA" - a show with renowned musicians and musical stars Inger Lise Rypdal, Rita Eriksen, Jannike Kruse and Espen Grjotheim.The show was a great success, with 170 sold-out concerts seen by 85,000 people all over Norway. The Abba production received huge reviews in the country's largest newspapers and has had three Norwegian tours.The adventure Stavanger comradesIn the middle of the Abba tour, Fredvang started "Stavangerkameratene" together with former idol winners Kjartan Salvesen and Glenn Lyse, and The Voice participant Ole Alexander Mæland. The group quickly became a popular favorite with their uplifting songs sung in the Stavanger dialect.Their first release was the single "Wake Me Up", a Norwegian version of Avicii's hit "Wake Me Up" released March 11, 2016. In the summer of the same year they released their second single "Bare så du vett det" which has sold for 4 x platinum , reached the Top 20 on the official radio list and was A-listed on P1. The same was the follow-up single "Only You".The singles "Vekk meg upp" and "Vil du shallala" have both sold for gold and the debut album "Stavangerkameratene" has sold for platinum. The group has per. today 60 million streams on Spotify, over 7 million views on Youtube and 4 Norwegian tours behind it. They also sold out DNB Arena with room for 5,500 spectators.Norwegian language albumsThrough his journey with both ABBA and Stavanger comrades, creativity flourished, and Fredvang began working on his first album in 10 years - this time a Norwegian-language album in Stavanger dialect. This album was named "Har deg på hjernen" and was released in the autumn of 2020. The single "Stå i ro", which is a duet with Rita Eriksen, was B-listed on NRK P1 for 16 weeks and reached 15th place on the official radio list in Norway. His other singles such as "Telefonen", "Danse som en gud" and "Forandra" also received high rotation on Norwegian radio. The album was in many ways a creative debut, where Fredvang embraced his mother tongue and set a new course as an artist and songwriter. The Stavanger comrades' MGP contribution "Barndomsgater" and their translated version of "What are words" ("Ka e ord") are written by Fredvang.To this day, he is well underway with his second Norwegian-language album "Våken". Through the pandemic, Fredvang has taken greater artistic control in his own musical works, where he is listed as a Topliner, lyricist and producer.Furthermore, he also works as a director and screenwriter on music videos - for both his solo career and Stavagerkameratene."One Second", which is the first single from the follow-up album, has already been placed on Norwegian radio, and his next single "Aldri / Alltid" will be released in August.


    • Meierigata 3, Bryne, Norway
    • 4340 Bryne

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